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"Nice Try, Lifetime" - Andy Busch - "Sestina on 1 Corinthians 13", "What Fades, What Stays"

Greeting folks! Here are more poems from Andy Busch for the "Nice Try, Lifetime" theme. Enjoy!

The Midwest Writing Center will be holding the "Local lovers Open Mic at Rozz Tox on the 22nd of February at 8PM. Those who submit there work will have the chance too share their poems! Regardless on if you submit work or not, feel free to come and share your work at this open mic!

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Sestina on 1 Corinthians 13 (Andy Busch)
Of three that still remain, the first is faith, The next is hope; The crowning jewel is love: The way it comes is by the gift of grace Which, when it settles in, will make for peace With God and neighbor; ending up in joy.
It sounds so nice, to hear about the joy That starts with faith. I wonder how some people think of peace. Some people have no hope That someone might, in this life, offer grace Instead of hatred, much less love.
It’s obvious that love Is not romantic mush, the same way joy Is not all giggles; like the gift of grace Is nothing cheap;…

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