"Nice Try, Lifetime": Call and Response for Valentines day

Hey folks! We hope that your Christmas and New Years Celebration was a great one! To start this year off creatively, we are doing another call and response for Valentines Day! This one is called "Nice Try, Lifetime."

If you're familiar with the Lifetime network, you know well of the overly rosey movies with narratives that are captivating to our love story starving souls, and the hopeless romantic in most of us. Though the stories bring a sense of hope, they ultimately are unrealistic when paralleled to how the real world works when it comes to the hardships and awkwardness of relationships; whether that be the 'love at first sight' that comes from the socially awkward teen whose fifteen years younger than you, or that first date where you and the other uncomfortably realize you have nothing in common. We all have stories that counter the 'happily ever afters' of romance movies.

We're asking all writers and creatives to share their story of the real lessons learned in life when it comes to relationships. The humorous, the serious, the sobering truths! Whether that be short poems, stories, songs, etc. We want to hear your story.

Just like the last prompt, email your writings to us at midwestwritingcenter@gmail.com and we will post them on our blog to be shared! We will also have an open mic around Valentines Day, but the date is still TBA.

We can't wait to see some great stories from the community!

Have fun!

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